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Cricket Betting in India: Conditions & Ratings

Welcome to the webpage dedicated to the most significant sports activity in the life of Indians – cricket. This bat and ball game is an element of pride for almost every Hindi man. We love to play this game on the streets and improvised pitches and are passionate the most during international matches or IPL battles.

Without a doubt, the vast amount of emotions related to cricket mirrors the wagering. People always loved to pick the winner of the contest and bet some cash to prove their prediction abilities. India is not an exception, as lots of cricket fans know how to raise some cash on this sport.

The only question is, “where to complete it?” And the article is totally dedicated to this issue. We’ll explain the specifics of cricket wagering sites, what are the dangers and hidden obstacles, and how to pick the safest website for wagering. The navigation panel is at your service, so you can fastly find the query that requires our explanations.

Questions That Interest Indian Bettors the Most

❓ What to start from if one seeks safe bets on cricket?

While the beginning is always about basics, cricket betting (the exact idea relates to other known sports as well) should start from selecting a site where you’ll be playing.

Everyone, definitely, can rely on our rankings and rating of the online platforms that offer wagers for cricket. Here at betvip.in, we not only mark them but also provide readers with a thorough review for each. So, one may effortlessly decide the betting website that corresponds to their specific needs. For instance, you will comprehend which platforms have suitable paying conditions, highest and fair odds, or present friendly betting apps.

🏏 Points of focus when seeking a cricket betting website

The causes can be split into two main categories: cricket-related and platform-related.

The foremost one contains the presence of the needed odds line (tournaments, events), the ability to gamble live (just during the game) or watch the game in the dedicated window of the sportsbook. The latter element is rather specific and will be explained later in the text.

The second aspect can be called general conditions, which include the following:

  • registration requirements
  • bonus offers and grids
  • available paying methods
  • support specifics
  • licence
  • the presence of an app for wagering or online casino for additional joy

For diverse players, different aspects are crucial to rely on prior to choosing. We’ll try to explain each of the elements to make your preference the most accurate.

📜 What about legal conditions concerning cricket wagering in the Republic of India for operating betting websites?

Yes, this procedure is lawful from A to Z. The Indian government allows betting activity on platforms that have an international licence from Malta, Curacao, or some other trusted countries.

The only problem with gambling sites in the Hindi-speaking country is their limitation in the next Indian states: 

  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Telangana
  • Tamil Nadu (soon to forbid gambling)

So, there are almost no problems with online betting for citizens of India, which tightly cooperates with local banks and electronic paying services to pay easy and fast.

💻 Can I believe rankings of betting sites adjusted for usage by Indians, available elsewhere online?

No doubts that ratings are always subjective due to the significant number of elements that form a final mark. It’s hard to give an unbiased opinion concerning the visual side of the betting site or its application for mobiles. Even the elements like paying methods include plenty of additional elements like the speed of transactions, fees, and a variety of methods.

At the same time, all the ratings are real if the authors explain in detail their choice. Here at betvip.in we are glad to present all the aspects, including hidden obstacles and drawbacks, so one can decide on his own.

💰 What welcome offers & other side promotions are most expected for the Indian punter on the local bet market?

Promotions are an inevitable part of every sportsbook, and cricket isn’t the leader in this regard as Indian bettors are using all the benefits of the industry. The highlighting offer is always a welcome reward, which is often the leading proposition in every bookmaker. Nonetheless, there are also bonuses like cashback, free-bet, rebate, and individual offers as well.

In the competition race for new customers, bookies gladly propose huge welcome bonuses, with some numbers to be really incredible. For instance, a typical suggestion in India for locals is usually 100% for the first stake. It means that by bringing 10,000 rupees as a newly-registered client, you receive another 10,000 INR on the playing account. If you turn to absolute numbers, the biggest offer at the moment is 200,000 rupees, which is obtainable for newly registered Bons.com customers.

📈 How to determine the highest betting odds for cricket & whether it helps earn more?

This issue belongs to the first asked by professional bettors worldwide. They know that higher odds means more winnings on the long distance. So, they review this issue by themselves to be sure their forces will bring them an extra few per cent to their wins (2% at the winnings like 1 lakh INR is 2000 extra rupees to your pocket).

So, this technical question is also discussed on our platform. We dedicated a separate article for it to follow if you are curious about the calculations and essence of odds and margins. It also means that we take a calculator in our hands every time we review a new sportsbook to define real coefficients for cricket contests and different sports if needed.

📺 What about wagering websites that propose cricket live streaming?

Among the innovations that are gaining momentum, sports live streams outgrow into an inbuilt opportunity on the site for wagers. However, that is a tricky aspect. Thus, a lot of top competitions’ organisers sell broadcasting rights for millions and even billions of dollars per season. Of course, they want the protection of their rights and, therefore, are ready to spend some cash on defining cheaters, including sport-related sites that re-stream the games. Logically, betting websites are among the main targets of attentive eyes and algorithms.

To exclude even a potential danger related to cheating actions, we don’t advise placing bets on the platforms that offer online streams of IPL, EPL, NBA, Australian Open, or other top events. Such sites can be blocked; consequently, players can receive unfortunate messages with temporarily limited ability to continue betting until the owners find a way to renew the stable working process.

However, some minor events can be cast everywhere unrestrained, but such streams are mostly the second divisions or even fewer status competitions.

💵 Is it realistic to achieve stable yields when wagering on cricket online?

Everything depends on you, actually! Like in other fields of activity, the deeper the knowledge and dedication into the sport’s specifics, the more reasonable the predictions, therefore, the potential victories. Specifically for cricket, it’s better to understand the power of leading national teams, their best players, the approximate schedule of the top events, and specifics between diverse formats. If none of the aspects seems weird for you, cricket bets could become rewarding.

Best Cricket Betting Sites – Determination for India

That’s a tough task, in reality. The testing procedure of every platform takes a pair of daytimes. Only after that, we can surely write about the transactions’ speed, how polite the support is, or what sports are nicely presented for live betting with all needed details.

And this procedure should be repeated with every platform separately. Also, we follow the major betting websites, which suggest cricket and their updates. If the latter are crucial, we return with a comprehensive re-check. Only such an approach allows us to present a reliable list of bookmakers with responsive features.

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What is Usability and How It Should Look Like?

The website with good usability for cricket betting must be technically well developed – with no lags and other stopping issues. It can be checked after a few minutes of site browsing. Another element of a user-friendly interface starts from a simple registration form. Then, the elements like buttons, colour and size also make an impression. So, if you feel that a few minutes on the site were not pleasant – it means that UI/UX design isn’t yours.

Choosing Methodology for Cricket Betting Sites

We’ll prepare a shortened procedure to exclude the annoying testing we make ourselves when examining the betting sites that suggest bat-and-ball in India. It consists of the top-5 elements that should be checked before registration. These steps cover about 95% of the bookie’s information but take much less time to feel the essence.

Elements that should be regarded when exploring cricket betting websites

While there are dozens of aspects to be attentive to, we propose to stop on the following five. Sometimes, it doesn’t mean that other aspects are important, but that they are similar on every sportsbook, so it won’t give any advantage.

  • 👨🏼‍💻️ Usability (UI/UX and design)
  • 💰 Welcome Bonus (Basic offer to earn more at the beginning)
  • 💵 Deposit & Withdrawal Methods (Funds processing variants and speed)
  • 📈 Cricket Odds (Their height and fairness)
  • 📄 Cricket Options (Events variety and odds line for them)

Let’s review every step more attentively to understand the essence.

Promotions Specifics at Betting Websites for Cricket

Of course, here we’ll start with a welcome proposition, which varies for Indian cricket bettors from a few thousand rupees and up to a few lakh rupees. The biggest one is 395,000 INR offered by Bons, where 200,000 rupees can come as 100% for the initial intake by platform, while the rest are added for the next four deposits. Also, bookmakers gladly offer cashback (up to 20% from losses), no-risk bets (usually, a thousand rupees), and other special offers. Here one can look at the additional propositions as accumulator buster or weekly tournaments.

Payment Options that Guarantee Fast and Safe Transactions

Every cricket bettor knows that transactions should be fast, safe, & with the lowest fees. In this regard, there are three general directions applied by betting sites for Indian lovers of cricket:

  • banking options (Online Bank transfers, global-known Visa, Mastercard, etc.)
  • electronic paying approaches (PayTM, UPI, PhonePe, RuPay, PayPal, Skrill, Google Pay, Neteller, etc.)
  • cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Ripple, etc.) 

The initially-mentioned method is the simplest as everyone has a bank account, while the data about your actions can become the ownership of the governmental structures. A safer method is e-wallets, which are also faster with money transfers but have higher fees and require additional accounts. Cryptocurrencies are, certainly, the most immediate, safest and even the cheapest in terms of fees, but the complicated procedures and unstable prices scare a lot of users.

Sportsbooks with Best Cricket Odds

This issue is especially vital for the gamblers that wager a lot and rather often. A few additional per cent will mean dozens of extra lakh rupees earner on the distance. Any type of odds can be easily calculated by anyone, simply taking the digits for a particular outcome. Comparing a cricket contest and coin toss occasion can help comprehend what betting platform proposes the highest ones. Logically, equal outcomes for such an event mean that a sportsbook, which presents a 1.9 coefficient for both teams, proposes good rates, while lower numbers aren’t satisfactory.

Widest Odds’ Line for Cricket

To be honest, there is no sense to start cooperation with a sportsbook with tiny cricket events’ lines and small portions of odds for them. Yes, football is still guiding the betting market regarding available possibilities for the single game (350+ variants), but a typical IPL game should contain at least 100+ bet options.

What relates to the tournaments, the leading ones like IPL, World Cups, International Tests/ODIs/T20Is are business cards. Also, the intrinsic competitions held inside cricket nations like Australia, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, and others form a schedule that allows betting on contests daily.

IPL as Flagship of Cricket Betting

A rare cricket fan doesn’t know about the IPL. This India-based cricket tournament is the strongest, most popular, highest-paying (for players), and as a result – the most often picked for betting.

That is a typical T20-format event, where the richest and strongest cricket franchises from India participate. To transform the Premier League into a really cool competition, its format is comparable to the NBA, NHL, and NFL with salary restrictions, draft picks, and auctions before every season. Of course, the strongest Indians are playing there but improved by the strongest cricketers from other top nations in this sport.

Probably, you reading this material have also decided to wager on IPL games but decided to know a bit more additional info about the competition or betting specifics. We have plenty of related materials that will enable you to plunge into the IPL betting ocean. So, if the betting place doesn’t propose enough options for an IPL game, close it immediately and ignore its URL address.

Why are Live Bets the Must on Cricket Wagering Websites?

Of course, the events like IPL are played in almost the shortest format, so the changes in the game are often unpredictable. In this case, immediate adjusting of the betting strategy based on the game process is highly appreciable.

All the aforementioned online websites dedicated to betting on cricket have live events on the discussed sport. Moreover, all are working with top providers, so updates of the odds come even faster than a viewer notices them on the screen. Here Indians have unique opportunities – sit in the stadium with an IPL clash on the pitch, and make strategy changes even more quickly than online bookies propose.

Live Streaming and Related Issues for Online Cricket Betting Sites

While everyone loves live streams, the one who expects this feature on the cricket betting websites, some specifics should be explained.

Thus, broadcasters spend millions of dollars to buy rights for IPL or other event broadcasting. Logically, they don’t want anyone to re-stream the match on side platforms. And while watching the contest in the separate window of the bookmaking website and making live bets is super comfortable, that is just a dangerous game.

No, none will come to your home and find you, but regulators can block the sportsbook for some time, at least. It will cause plenty of discomforts, as you’ll be forced to miss bets’ placing and win on IPL games or other tournaments. So, you shouldn’t dream of cricket live streaming right on the bookie’s website, but don’t panic if this is just a re-stream from YouTube or another free service.